Work pride


Lately I have been listening to the friend zone podcast non stop and I came across this episode that really struck my mind. If you’ve never listened to the friend zone podcast, it’s a really funny but educational podcast that discuss all things mental health, pop culture and relationships. It’s filled with jokes no matter how serious the conversation is and that’s why I love listening to Dustin, Fran, and Assante.

To sum up the conversation, Dustin told a story about how a friend basically called his career success “lucky”. And he got upset at the fact that she called it lucky because he knows how hard he has worked over the years. He then presumed to evaluate why HE felt that way because he knew she didn’t mean it in a hurtful way.

There are so many things that sparked up in my head about this because I can relate 100%. From outside people looking into my life from social media, things might look like life is just always going right for me but really there are so many closed doors that happen in between each accomplishment. It’s easy to say “dang she’s lucky” but is it really luck or is it just destiny?

Destiny is what Fran brought up. Sometimes things really just do fall into place for you, even when you thought you weren’t going to get the opportunity. A good example of this is, the job position I’m in now. If you don’t know, I am a trend coordinator at Charlotte Russe HQ. I was referred to the job by a lovely angel I get to call friend and from there I used my experience to go through the interview process. I ended up doing two interviews and was told they couldn’t have me on board, don’t know why but they couldn’t. After a month or two of being an Uber eats driver later I get a email from the same recruiter asking if I was still interested in the position. I say “of course” because I seriously could not find a job for the sake of me. Long story short I ended up going back for one more in person interview and I guess I blew them away because the next day I was hired and offered the highest pay I could receive. I never expected for them to call me back or anything it was a surprise from the highest y’all!! At the end of the day I still had the skills and background to do the job and that’s my hard work of spending time in school and practicing outside of assignments. But it’s destiny and grace that have allowed me to secure the position and the bag. haha!

My final thoughts are just always reflect on where you came from and how much you’ve grown. We all move at different paces so just because someone is at a “higher” point in their career doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. Comparison will literally kill your faith in yourself.